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Role – UX/UI Designer

UX – Card Sorting, Interviews and Contextual Inquiries, Research Synthesis, Defining Users, Building Personas, User Journey Map, Comparative Analysis 

UI – Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing

Duration –   2.5 weeks

Project Partner – Michelle Eynon


Project name 03

Role Title

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We began by focusing on the immediate short term goal of customer acquisition

The Profile Laundry's long term goal was to build an automated profile creation tool using A.I technology. In the early stages of their business roadmap, TPL were providing an online dating consultation service and had financial investors showing interest but requiring TPL to have a minimum of X amount of paid customers within three months.

TPL group.png

Previously collected data combined with our new research discovered a larger potential customer base for the client to market to

TPL had already engaged a branding and marketing firm who had created a design bible which we followed for the UI design. The firm had also created persona types but our research found that we could expand on those to represent a wider demographic as a broader potential customer base. 

Updated TPL Personas based on our research findings

~98% of research participants had experienced disappointment with online dating and most would consider receiving advice but did not feel comfortable paying $75 for a consultation

TPL's first iteration prototype was an app built in Bubble that advertised a dating consultation service for $75 but did not offer much information on how the service actually worked. Research showed that users were interested to know more and were willing to pay up to $50 for a consultation if they thought it would help them get matching online.

CLIENT The Profile Laundry Final Debrief


This Design focused on three main areas:

1.Giving users a clear understanding of what the consultation service entails with testimonials to show it works

2.Customer acquisition through incentivising users to sign up for a consult with free photo and bio editing tools plus a dating tip generating survey 

3.Creating a booking feature and payment tool with a revenue streaming non-refundable deposit system

Prototype img.png

A clear outline of how the consultation worked along with successful testimonials was needed

We built a homepage with a clear breakdown of how the services worked including duration and cost. We also added testimonials from previous customers as research showed that users wanted to know that the service actually worked before considering signing up.

Comparative research showed that similar service platforms offered users incentives to sign up for paid services

To keep users from bouncing from the site we needed to add features that they could try for free. We included photo and bio editing tools and designed a free dating tips generating survey.


Based on the TPL Personas, we designed a chat-bot style survey that would generate a list of dating tips tailored to the user

The survey questions would have three multiple choice answers, each based on how our three personas would respond. Once the user has selected their responses, the survey would generate a list of dating tips and tricks built around each persona type. Research showed that if participants could relate to the answers, they would be more inclined to try the consultation service.


Lowering the price to $45 made the consultation service more accessible 

Survey responses found that participants were more likely to try the consultation if it cost less than $50. The client had initially arbitrarily determined a fee. We changed the price and designed a transferable but non-refundable deposit system that would guarantee revenue for the business. Users could pay a small deposit to secure a consultation time with TPL and if they changed their mind less than 24 hours before their time slot, they would forfeit the deposit. A change of mind with more than 24 hrs would mean the deposit could get transferred to another booking time.

We built a booking and payment system offering users a variety of communication options for the consultation.

The client's exisiting app was missing a booking feature as well as a payment tool so we built these into the re-design. For the consultation service itself, we suggested that it be available to the user in various formats. From txting through to a video call, research insights showed that some users may not feel comfortable with a "face to face" consult. 

Consultation method expand.png


Consultation Service - Offering advice with online dating and assistance optimising photos and bios for online profiles

Role – UX/UI Designer

UX – Interviews and Contextual Inquiries, Affinity Mapping, Survey Creation, Research Synthesis, Defining Users,

Building Personas, User Journey Map, Competitive/Comparative Analysis 

UI – Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing

Duration –   4 weeks

Project Partners - Andie Feng and Jacob Torres

Phone PL.jpg
CLIENT The Profile Laundry Final Debrief
TPL Prototype


We focused on short term goals considering where the client was positioned at that current point on their business roadmap.Their long-term goal was to build an A.I led automated profile creation tool but first, in order to satisfy potential investor interest, the client needed to acquire a minimum number of paid customers within three months. 


Focusing on the customer acquisition goal, we conducted additional research to understand what would drive users to pay for a consultation service. The synthesis of previously collected data and our new findings led us to design a prototype with a chat bot style multiple choice survey that would generate a list of tailored online dating tips based on how the user would answer. The survey answers were built around the personas we derived from our research and we designed it as a free feature that would lead users into signing up for a paid consultation. 



For the in-depth case study​ see below

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