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 UX case study overviews 

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UX/UI Designer

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UX Researcher

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UX/UI Designer

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I'm a PEOPLE person and I get STUFF done . . .

To clarify, I'm a User Experience Designer with an extensive background in Project and People Management. I’m a great listener and a keen storyteller, and I take pride in delivering end-to-end digital products that seamlessly meet both business requirements and user needs.

Hi! I'm Lenna and here's my CV 

 UX Project overviews 


Client: Chargefox

My Role: UX Researcher

- Conducted UX research to understand inefficiencies in customer support resolutions 
- Investigated the support team's process for resolving customer issues.
- Collaborated on a system to update and review support training information.

- The business wanted to reduce the volume of calls and associated costs for customer support managed by a third-party call center.  By analysing customer inquiries, we developed an online self-service solution for customers to address their own issues, aiming to decrease expenses.


- Worked with the client's internal team to review the existing website and app identifying opportunities for enhancing the support flow and overall customer experience.

UX Researcher


Client: FRED IT

My Role: UI Designer

- Consulted and collaborated with extensive pharmacy expertise within the client's in-house team.

- Client goal: Digitise pharmaceutical script process to eliminate paper scripts in GP space.
- Addressed: Steep learning curve regarding risks and legal obligations in script handling and distribution.


- Contributed to multiple digital solutions for script creation and handling.

- Designed new functionality within the user interface for their IT solutions platform across Austraia's pharmacy and health industries.

UI Designer


Client: Transurban

My Role: UX/UI Researcher and Designer

- Conducted user interviews with commercial fleet operation managers to understand how the client's toll calculator might aid in budget planning.
- Collaborated with the Product Owner and a Business Analyst to refine the research findings and create new designs

- A change in upper management led to a shift in business strategy. Working in an agile environment, I adapted the designs to meet both the new business requirements and customer needs.


- Implemented enhancements ensured the app allowed users to easily search toll road costs and included simple, easy-to-understand notification designs to educate users about the changes.

UX/UI Designer

 PM Project overviews 

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Client: Vodafone Foundation 

My Role:
- Managed an internal team, focusing on reconfiguring data storage systems for the 'Dreamlab' mobile app 
- Oversaw the delivery of ongoing enhancements responding to user feedback loops.
- Produced reports on budget, schedule, scope, risks, and issues.

- Coordinating communication across multiple time zones with international stakeholders.

- Successfully reduced monthly expenses through reconfigured data storage systems.
- Enhanced user experience by aligning with user expectations and business needs.
- Ensured transparent project progress and secured necessary approvals through comprehensive reporting and governance.

Project Manager


Client: Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)

My Role:

- Led a team to optimise the MyCPD app by implementing enhancements and providing ongoing support.

- Conducted weekly client meetings and produced fortnightly progress reports.

- Managed bug and issue triaging.
- Managed the mobile app deployment process.


- Managing support budget and resources effectively.

- Facilitating technical design workshops and ensuring they result in actionable plans.


- Improved the customer experience for the app through implemented enhancements

- Developed effective solutions and proposals for future improvements through collaboration with the client and stakeholders.

Project Manager

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Client: Emergency Management Victoria

My Role:

- Led a development team through an accessibility audit of the emergency warnings mobile app conducted by Vision Australia.
- Built a strong rapport with the Product Owner, collaborating to create and present demonstrations to upper management, securing approval for further development.


- Ensuring comprehensive understanding and integration of both front-end interface and back-end technologies, including MapLibre, real-time warning data, APIs, and hard-coded data


- Successfully met WCAG 'AA' accessibility standards without compromising the app's design and functionality.
- Won SILVER at the Better Future GOV

Design Awards 2023

Project Manager

I have both a professional background in and a love for Design, Fashion, Food and Education.

*Ask me about the Spice Girls and I will share a tale or three (NDA abiding ofc!)


If you are interested to take a look at my costume work from my past as a Costume Designer and Fashion Stylist,

CLICK or TAP the image

to be taken to my 

lennaboordcostume site 

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